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New Year

Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014

Salaam deares friends,
Today we are enterring the first day in 2014…
Sooo, what’s so special about it?
Personally, I do not taste any specialty from the 1st January every year. For me, 1st January is just another day, Well of curse, it is a red-marked day on calendar 😀
Aanyway, 1st January as well as 1st Muharaam (Islamic lunar year) can be used as a momenta, for everyone, includiing myself, to review and comtemplate for what had been done in the last 365 days. For then, we can set up (new) goals to be achieved in a yer to come.
Further, I want to copy-paste the new year event as the historical hijrah (hegira) of prophet Muhammad, the best man ever created by the Almighty.
We can use both 1st January or 1st Muharaam to do the hijrah. Not only by means of physical but more of intengible hijrah, ie heart, feeling,  mindset, etc. Hijrah means to leave the bad things and activities to move on a better, clearer, cleaner things and activities. From the jahil to the enlightened.
For those who haven’t had the chance to hijrah, then to day is the best time for you to do so. Lets take the moment.
Let us be a better person.
Happy hijrah!
Salaam ~

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