About Erwin Noekman



Erwin is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner® awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London. He holds prestigious professional designatory title of ACII (Associateship) from the same institution. He also holds AMII (Associateship) from Malaysian Insurance Institute, AAAIK (Associateship) and QIP (Qualified Insurance Practitioner) from Indonesian Insurance Institute and AIIS (Associateship) from Indonesian Islamic Insurance Society in Indonesia. Erwin has more than 15 years of colourful experience with sound knowledge of general (re)insurance and (re)takaful industry, in Indonesia, Malaysia and Middle-east markets. He is a Bachelor of Enginering (BEng) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Currently, Erwin ventures new challenges in the Middle-East market. He works at Masarat Altameen for Insurance Brokerage as Technical Manager and responsible in coordinating General Insurance Department team.

His previous experience include developing a takaful windows in Indonesia, namely Jasindo Takaful. He was involved in all activities and operations of the takaful business, including but not limited to marketing plan, promotion, underwriting, retakaful, claim handling, budgeting, investment, IT system and compliance.

Erwin was exposed to Malaysia regulatory market and frameworks when we was appointed as Principal Officer (PO) of Asian Forum Incorporation (Labuan). He also chaired the Technical Committee of the entity. Furthermore, he also gained greater exposure when he took the role as Branch Manager cum Principal Officer of Jasindo Labuan, where he was acting as reinsurer for ceding. His portfolio was spread georaphically from far-est to middle-east.

During period of 2014-2015 Erwin sat as Spokeperson cum Vice Chairman – Inter Institutional Relation and Media Communication cum at Indonesia Takaful Association (AASI), and was actively promoting and soliciting the (re)takaful industry. He maintained his interest in Islamic Finance, especially in (re)takaful.

He shares his thoughts, views, opinions and knowledge at http://www.erwin-noekman.com and @erwin_noekman. His specialties: (re)insurance, re(takaful), retrocession, risk management, broking, marketing, lecturing, writing, international relation, spin-off, public speaking, Islamic Finance. He can be reached at erwin.noekman@gmail.com



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