#FIFAWC2014 #02 #MEX 1-0 #CAM

After been “secluded myself” for years, I’m daring myself to post football match review, based on my own personal opinion.

Match TWO

Other game from Group A, ended by a single goal victory for Mexican side over the Cameroon.

Giovanni Dos Santos managed to shot on goal but Cameroon goalie managed to block it, but Peralta managed to secured the rebound as a goal in 61′.

Eventhough Dos Santos failed to scored but he was named Man of the Match.

Mexico played with 4-3-1-1 composition, whilst the African side used 5-4-1.

Other match stats [MEX|CAM]
Ball possession 58%|42%
Shots on goal 5|4
Shots 9|10
Fouls committed 11|12
Yellow cards 1|1
Corner Kicks 2|5

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