EHN Personal Thought

What can you do, if you’re out of their league

Most of time, people are hanging around (only) with their league. Well, these guys are oftenly the have ones.

I’m sure the have nots won’t bother to stick around with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

If you’re aiming these kind of people, then, what should you do?

Here are my thoughts, of course, with disclaimer on… which may not work or fit all

Firstly, just be yourself. You are at your best no matter who you are. Fortunes come to those who are destined. If you (unfortunately) not, then no matter how much effort you strive, fortunes will not come across you at all.

Then, work and live with your mates. You may find a real friendship and socialise better wuth them.

Last but not least, just leave those out-of-league people. You can live without them.

Cheers –

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